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From Yakutat to Ketchikan in a Dash

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Helle Everyone!

It's been a while for me, since my last visit at this great screenshots-forum here, but there is a lot of other stuff that needs to be done currently in the "real world" so to speak - hence: Very little time for flightsimming ...


Hope You are all doing perfectly fine and have a good time.

If not being to busy with keeping "real life" running though, i am - simwise - busy with keeping the Mayjestic Dash into the air and flying it properly.

So far: I really like this bird very much.

It took me a while to set it up properly, but by now all these first, but essential things are working as intended.

And this is where the "real deal" comes alive - getting familiar with all necessery "flows", "procedures", "flying techniques" all the "systems" ... and well: Flying this plane correctly!

Still lots of stuff to learn, but i at least managed my first flight from "cold and dark" to "shut down" recently: Far from perfect, but surprisingly not that bad either.

I also took some shots in between.

Sadly though, the weather was not good at all, and therefore there is not that much to be seen from the great ORBX sceneries at this area ...

Nonetheless: I hope You can still enjoy it!

Cheers, Christoph


Here we are: Parking at Yakutat, bad weather and getting ready for the flight



... after the critical phases of take off - getting above the clouds now



... cruising



... setting up the FMS and TOD now for the descend ahead and getting it all "VNAV-Ready" as intended so to speak






... final approach: Ice Protection Systems on - they do not "include" the "top of the props" so to speak, but all worked fine. Low visibility though



... getting a bit better



... a passanger's view



... the other side



... the cockpit: On the final stages of this flight, just prior to disengage the Autopilot and land

manually then



... and here we are: Rolling down the taxiway! Welcome to PAKT!


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Grand shots there Christoph.

That plane looks really great and must be so rewarding to master it and take it on such a nice but challenging flight like this one :)

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You must be IFR by now !!...well, I hope so . Looks like you are going to get your money's worth out of this one Christoph . Those shots are not too bad at all !! :)

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Fantastic shots Christoph , thanks for taking the time out of your busy R.L. to post these beauties .



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Thank You very much everyone for Your kind and encouraging replies and comments!

It is great to read that You are enjoying these shots and also real great to share some flightsimming experiences with all of You aviation-enthusiasts here!

Thank You!


Sometimes "the life outside" flightsimming just tends to interfere ??? - ... but i think we all know that just too well! ;)

I am very much looking forward to get myself more familiar with the Dash here as i will surely use it very, very often as soon as FTX Global will be released!

The good thing is:

This plane has has now "gotten" my interest as much as PMDG's NGX and some A2A and Real Air planes for instance did before (and still do).

So i infact enjoy digging through the manuals, retrying, reraeding and trying again until i get it together properly and as long as time allows it - and yet:

There will always be something left to learn, or left to gain, or to "do better" or more correct or however we may call it.

Also here and with this particular flight above:

I had forgotten to turn off the Autofeather while climbing, i do not yet really understand how to deal with the STB Hydraulics and i also did not set up the Reduced Propellor RPM-Function properly while landing.

But on the other hand: mayn other things worked out nicely - and it's still just a sim! ;)

Most important of all though:

It is great fun, some good challenge and never ever getting boring!

That being said (i just noted that i begin to talk to much again...):

Let's head back into our cockpits and go flying again!

Cheers, Christoph

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Super shot Christoph.  I admire you in having taken the time and the having the patience to learn how to fly that plane!!!  That is why I do not fly airliners. 

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Great informative set. To learn the procedures from cold and dark takes more time, but increased satisfaction comes with it.

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Stunning in every way Christoph, the plane the scenery all mesh together nicely, nice work !!



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Hey Christoph,


glad to see you're enjoying the Dash. There is some learning to do - but it's very rewarding if and when you get things right... And I'm sure you'll be an expert Dash-handler sooner than later :) Thanks for sharing these great shots!





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