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ACTIVE FSX hangs when alt-entering into full screen mode with Objectflow enabled

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Since installing Orbx SAK scenery, I am encountering a strange issue.

FSX hangs when alt-entering beween fullscreen and windowed mode, and back again.

This happens, even when I am not in an Orbx scenery region - like default KSFO.

If I remove the Objectflow.dll entry from the FSX dll.xml file, the problem goes away. (!)

The strange thing is, that I had Objectflow enabled with earlier Orbx sceneries, without problems.

For now, I am just flying without Objectflow enabled, and FSX appears stable again.

Has anyone run into something similar? I searched for it in this Forum and did not find any matches..

FSX/Acceleration on WinXP32 SP3.

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I'm just throwing this out there.

My FSX hangs every now and then with any type of scenery.

Only when I "alt-enter" will it solve the issue. Sort of the reverse of Bert's problem.

The only thing I can think of is these issues may be video driver related.

I'm currently using NV 306.23. GTX 560 Ti. Nvidia Inspector

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There are 5 or 6 recent windows updates to (Win7) released on 4/9/13 that may be causing errors in FSX.

I don't know the details of these updates but I have been experiencing strange CTD's and the Old "d3d9.dll" error has returned when using the FSX menu items and changing views...etc.

I removed these Updates and Disabled Auto-Update in windows... now back to smooth sailing.

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