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RESOLVED SAK Install - "Please insert Disk 2" :-D

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I'm sure there's a quick 'n easy solution to the " Please insert Disk 2 " message near the end of the download installation procedure... :-) ~Paul

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I,m getting the same thing and i followed the instructions under the FSS wrapper support , i leave the wrapper open like it says not to hit finnish for the wrapper untill the install is done but still get the disk 2 error ..frustrating . i guess i,ll have to wait untill mt disks arrive

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On 3/24/2013 at 2:51 AM, Holger Sandmann said:

Hi guys,


don't start the installer from within the zip or it can't find its second part! Instead, extract the zip into a folder on your desktop or someplace else.


Cheers, Holger

Thanks Holger Sandmann, 7 years after your post, you still helped somebody with it !

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On 12/25/2020 at 3:00 AM, Vincent Turpyn said:

Thanks Holger Sandmann, 7 years after your post, you still helped somebody with it !

Hey @Vincent Turpyn, You beat me to this issue by just a couple weeks it looks like.


I am working on running FSX 2006. Can you more accurately detail what you did? I'm having to first make sure all IdriverT module background processes are terminated before inserting disc 1 and beginning the install. This might indicate an issue with the DVD driver on my PC or related firmware.. but the install begins and I get to the message to insert disc 2. But what installer is @Holger Sandmann referring to not to start from the zip file? I start the install directly from the disc read by the drive. Is he referring to specify the path for the program files to save to when the install wizard screen shows the default path?


I know that the 2nd disc is clean. This Game was found in storage still in original wrapping (And it appears it has been a common issue)


Hope that makes sense, let me know if I can clarify.


Thanks to everyone,



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Hello Charles,

welcome to the forums.

It reads as if you are trying to install FSX, whereas this topic relates to installing Orbx products

bought on DVD from the FlightSim Store.

You should need to do nothing more than insert the DVD and follow the on screen prompts.

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