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SAK Southern Alaska - Carcross - Skagway Corridor Screenshots

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The screenshots don't show half how great Skagway is. Jon did an awesome job and getting to work with him is great, I've been seeing his name around since FS9!

Skagway is a blast, I did the photoreal and during that time followed the railroad on several flights through mountains and plains and the flight is spectacular! There is a lot to see along the way :)

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I'm speechless, just WOW.

Looking forward to the scenery and hope instantly it will be released very soon. My dream will come true to fly in old known sceneries of FS9 (Holger-made), now created for FSX.

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Wow, looks great, Jon! Remembering the days when I flew above Glacier Bay v2 in FS2004...

How much detail is going to be added to the airports and the surrounding areas? Can we expect something similar to GBv2 or Tongass Fjords X where every airport received a smaller or bigger enhancement? The image of Carcross looks promising.

And are there any plans of Orbx to communicate which airports of SAK are going to be done in-depth? I'd be very excited about PAJN ;)

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Hi jm3XQ.

All airports have been upgraded to be accurate for layout, building locations plus grass, etc, for the hard surfaced airports and non flat rwys for all the turf/gravels airports. For the most part not quite the level of detail of GBv2 or Tongrass Fjords but then the area is huge and there's more than 250 airports. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Cheers, Neil

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I live in germany but was in AK 3 years ago. Remember well Carcross, Haines, Skagway....the pics bring back memories, sounds, smell....

Bah....hard time to wait...but well worth.

Thanks for bringing SAK to our virtual world


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