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ANNOUNCEMENT Customer survey - what are the top 15 UK airports you want Orbx to make?

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Keeping strictly to the area of the UK covered by the current ORB-X England release then my vote (in addition to the ones in John's roadmap announcement) would be:

Welshpool EGCW

Penzance Heliport EGHK (historic - just!)

Oxford EGTK - "London Oxford" airport if you believe the signs nearby

Silverstone EGBV

London Heliport EGLW

And a dificult one:

Rearsby (XR3B) near Leicester for somewhere to fly my Austers (this historic field which was the Auster factory site is probably not practical, I think there's very little data about it).

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Top Posters In This Topic

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My top 15 (Mainly Scotland as that is where I live and where I know the small airfields best) EGPE Inverness / Dalcross EGPD Aberdeen / Dyce EGPB Sumburgh EGQS RAF Lossiemouth (Current) EGPA Kir

EGOS RAF Shawbury (Defence Helicopter Training School) (RAF Historical)

EGLW London Heliport

EGSC Cambridge (My hometown)

EGUW Wattisham (Home of the Apache...needs some Orbx Love,,,,) (ARMY Historical)

EGMH Manston (Great for all the aircraft and unusual parking bays....)

EGDR Culdrose Navy (Some great buildings to model...) (Navy Historical)

EGYD Cranwell (RAF Central flying school) (RAF Historical)

EGXD Coningsby (RAF Historical)

EGVO Odiham (Home of the Chinook) (RAF Historical)

EGDL Lynham (Home of the C130) (RAF Historical)

EGUN Mildenhall (USAF Historical)

EGHD Plymouth (nice to have something pretty down that neck of the woods!)

EGSU Duxford (Air museum would look great ORBX'd!)

EGTD Dunsfold (TOP GEAR IS MADE HERE...loads of opportunity for people flow and vehicle flow :))

EGXW Waddington (International military airshow held here) (RAF Historical)

My reasons for the above choices are down to the following:

They do not include airfields that have already been completed by UK2000 to "Extreme" level.

They do not have massively populated areas too nearby, thus not gonna be too hard on FPS.

They all have interesting scenery (mostly RAF/Army I admitt!)

Each airfield mentioned has a very unique flavor to it.

They would all get loads of use over at our military VA (see sig!)

Best regards


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EGTO - Rochester (+castle :) - a base for river tours: Medway, Thames and down to the shore on South, the castle is a fine example of Norman-type great keeps with exciting siege history from 1215)

EGCK - Caernarfon (+castle :) - Snowdonia lies on the South, the castle is World Heritage site)

EGCW - Welshpool (a base to fly North to Snowdonia)

EGTB - Wycombe Airpark (perfect spot for Chiltern tours)

EGTH - Old Warden (personal resons :))

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I noted that a few free grass strips were done for Au any chance of a few for EU as, Sleap :Great Oakley : Farway Common : Chilton Park (these are flying clubs with a nice mixture of hangers and club houses.

Otherwise the following would be my pick

Clacton EGSQ

Cranfield EGTC

Earls Colne EGSR

Old Buckenham EGSV

Panshanger EGLG

Norwich EGSH

Southend EGMC

Shoreham EGKA

Rochester EGTO

Cambridge EGSC

Jersey EGJJ ( possible all channel isle airports within Orbx Region )

Alderney EGJA

Guernsey EGJB

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My Votes:

EGNL - Barrow/Walney Island (close to Lake District)

EGDM - Boscombe Down

EGSC - Cambridge

EGHA – Compton Abbas

EGYD - Cranwell

EGSU - Duxford (for flying warbirds)

EGSR - Earls Colne (used to live near there)

EGBP - Kemble

EGMD - Lydd

EGSH - Norwich (my home city)

EGLS - Old Sarum

EGHP - Popham

EGNE - Retford (Gamston)

Shuttleworth (Old Warden) - for flying vintage stuff

Sutton Bank Gliding Field - take off over a cliff edge!

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EGMC - Southend (Upto date version with the new tower and railway station)

EGSU - Duxford (As it is now the aircraft museum)

EGTH - Old Warden (Shuttleworth Aerodrome)

EGTB - Wycombe Air Park

EGKB - Biggin Hill

EGCN - Robin Hood airport Doncaster, South Yorkshire

EGNC - Carlisle

EGHO - Thruxton

EGNL - Barrow/Walney Island

EGCK - Caernarfon

EGUL - RAF Lakenheath

EGHJ - Bembridge

EGLE - Farnborough

EGKR - Redhill Aerodrome

EGTP - Perranporth

The top three are must haves for me, the rest I think would be very nice to have. I would pay for all of these, and probably a lot more too. I haven't checked these out, so if any are BIG airports just discard and replace with smaller ones. Anything you decide on will be fine by me really. All I ask for personally is the top three, and those are mentioned quite a few times now. Thank you for the request :)

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EGDJ Upavon

EGHO Thruxton

EGTD Dunsfold

EGTF Fairoaks

+ Popham, Old Sarum etc, etc, all would be welcome.

Upavon is the birthplace of the Royal Air Force, as Michael Caine might say, "Not many people know that", I'm amazed that I can't see it on any one else's list, but don't let that stop you you John ::)


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EGHP goes without saying it is the friendliest in the south with all kinds of visiting a/c from spitfires to staggerwings


EGKA as its one of the prettiest especially the tower building






EGLF where flying started in the UK now a major business jet center



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For me the top airport i'd absolutely love to see get the orbx touch is

Southend - EGMC.

This is a medium sized airport and easy to get the 737-NG in there as Easy Jet are now operating from there. Not to mention the Seafront and the mud flats when the tide goes out for miles!.. and the pier. A very interesting place with loads of POI

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EGCB - City Airport Manchester

EGPN - Dundee

EGFH - Swansea

EGPU - Tiree

EGPI - Islay

EGPA - Kirkwall

EGMC - London Southend

EGSH - Norwich

EGNH - Blackpool

EGHE - St. Mary's

EGCV - Sleap

EGBW - Wellesbourne

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EGSU - Duxford

EGUN - Mildenhall

EGUL - RAF Lakenheath

EGKB - Biggin Hill

EGLE - Farnborough

EGTD - Dunsfold

If there is a way to choose to load modern vs historical RAF airfields, it would be fun to also have historic RAF airfields.

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RAF Valley - EGOV

Caernarfon - EGCK

Welshpool - EGCW

Llanbedr - EGOD

And one more. This one's a small Police Helicopter base in North Wales used to base the force's EC135, It would be great to have this small complex modeled as it is a great point to takeoff from in a chopper and fly around the North Wales coast... It also has a grass strip used for emergency skid landings in the Chopper.

Here's its location: Click Here



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Hello John, My top 15 for the UK

  • EGLF Farnborough (so famous)
  • EGKB Biggin Hill (ditto)
  • EGLC London City (well its not a big airport)
  • EGMH Manston (ex RAF)
  • EGSS Stanstead - London (again not too big, but important freight terminal & GA)
  • EGHJ Benbridge (Isle of Wight)
  • EGHH Bournemouth
  • EGHD Plymouth
  • EGHE St Mary's (Scilly Islands)
  • EGOS Shawbury RAF
  • EGCK Caernarfon
  • EGNS Isle of Man (great destination)
  • EGNL Walney Island (access to the Lake district)
  • EGNC Carlisle
  • EGPO Stornoway (Isle of Lewis - Outer Hebrides)
Hard to keep the list to 15, but that would be it for me.
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EGTD Dunsfold the Top Gear Test Track


Barra Scotland, where you can land on the Beach!!!!!!! that would be cool and something special and new!

And John, just to ask...... how does that sound? Imagine, just covering all or a couple of Oilrigs in the northern sea to an ORBX Special where you can actually see different oilrigs and not just the two different FSX default types oilrigs.

There are alot of Helicopter Pilots out there. And i would definately also change over to them once we got something like this.



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First the list then I feel we need to enlighten people.

My criteria.

The Q400 aircraft is coming out this year and well could be the new bench mark in fsx so given that fact and the Flybe livery coming with it, airports that are capable of taking that aircraft is top of my list. Also I want airports I can fly to and from not next door to each other. Orbx pls don’t underestimate this release.

EGLF - Farnborough

EGNC – Carlisle

EGMC - London Southend

EGNJ – Humberside (if made before UK2000)

Right pls let me point out a few things from all the posts

First JV asked for ICAO codes and names. ,

If you don’t know ICAO codes them just google ICAO (your airport) it will come up no problem. Try it DerrickW.

Not many will know an airport just from a code. So pls add the names. Britfrog if you would be so kind.

Airports that are already available and a complete waste of time Orbx doubling up on, here is the list from your lists above.

EGSS Stanstead =UK2000.

EGLC London City =UK2000

EGHI Southampton =UK2000 in the making, Think Orbx are doing this aswell?

EGHH Bournemouth =UK2000 in the making

EGNJ Humberside = UK2000 in the making

EGSU – Duxford is free and done well.


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Here's my 15, mix of small and large:

EGPN: Dundee

EGPH: Edinburgh

EGPR: Barra (and surrounding area, inc. Tobermory)

EGSC: Cambridge

EGLD: Denham

EGLK: Blackbushe

EGKR: Redhill

EGKB: Biggin Hill

EGTD: Dunsfold

EGBP: Cotswold Airport (Kemble - and the surrounding area)

EGGD: Bristol

EGSH: Norwich

EGHC: Lands End (and surrounding part of Cornwall in detail - including St Michael's Mount)

These two...

EGVJ: RAF Bentwaters (disused)

EGVG: RAF Woodbridge (disused)

... and surrounding area of Suffolk coast, including Sizewell Power Station, would be interesting, but perhaps not for everyone!


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EGMC Southend

EGKB Biggin Hill

ESSC Cambridge

EGGW Luton

EGTD Dunsfold

As John Lovell already quite rightly pointed out, Southend "is a medium sized airport and easy to get the 737-NG in there as Easy Jet are now operating from there. Not to mention the Seafront and the mud flats when the tide goes out for miles!.. and the pier. A very interesting place with loads of POI". Add to this the recently lengthened runway, new control tower, terminal building (opened about a year ago and being doubled in size as I type) and airport railway station.

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EGHI Southampton

EGKA Shoreham

EGHH Bournemouth

EGHP Popham

EGSU Duxford

EGTK Kidlington

EGHO Thruxton

EGLF Farnborough

EGLK Blackbushe

EGTD Dunsfold

EGSC Cambridge

EGLS Old Sarum

EGTF Fairoaks

EGNL Walney Island

EGHC Lands End

These are all airfields which are great as bases for GA as well as interesting to look at.



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EGKR Redhill

EGTR Elstree

EGLK Blackbushe

EGHP Popham

EGLD Denham

EGTK Kidlington

EGTU Dunkeswell

EGCB Barton

EGKB Biggin Hill

EGHL Lasham

EGKA Shoreham

EGHA Compton Abbas

EGTB Wycombe/Booker

EGTD Dunsfold

Closed Wisley

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EGPD - Never had a decent rendition in FS

EGPK - To complete the set in central Scotland

EGPI - A personal favourite

EGNS - Always liked Gary Summons version but i'd be interested to see it get the ORBX treatment

EGPR - Aerosofts extended twotter is on the horizon!

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Great idea asking by the way! Tried to cover most areas of UK here with my 15


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Only 15? And I don't even live there! :)

First, four of my favourites from the last version or two of MSFS. From memory I think a couple of these are already foreshadowed for Orbx releases.

EGCB Barton

EGHC St Just / Lands End

EGKA Shoreham (I have a payware FS9 version, a bit of a benchmark. The two adjacent piers and other landmarks would be nice)

EGYD Cranwell (RAF College)

After that, any of;-

EGCK Caernarfon

EGGP Liverpool John Lennon (if it's not too 'big city')

EGHE St Marys

EGHF Lee on Solent

EGHO Thruxton

EGLF Farnborough


EGNH Blackpool (and the foreshore!)

EGNJ Humberside

EGPI Islay (Some distilleries would be a nice touch!)

EGTE Exeter

This will take me past 15 - but EGJJ Jersey or indeed any Channel Islands.

Thanks John!

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EGGD Bristol

EGTG Filton

EGFF Cardiff

EGFC Cardiff Heliport


EGXC RAF Coningsby

EGUL or EGUN (RAF Lakenheath or RAF Mildenhall)

(yes - this is aimed at some Mach Loop action!)

RAF Tangmere (RAF Historical) - good partner to Goodwood

EGTE Exeter

EGHA Compton Abbas

EGLA Bodmin

EGHQ Newquay/RAF St.Mawgan

EGHC Lands End - good partner to ES Scillies

EGNL Barrow-in-Furness/Walney Island (for the Lake District)

EGMH Manston

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Exeter - EGTE

Gloucester - EGBJ

Duxford - EGSU

Cambridge - EGSC

Compton Abbas -EGHA

Old Warden - EGTH

Duxford would be a fantastic airport to have it caters for all those historic and fun flyers.


Ftx England FSS0186648

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- EGCB Barton

- EGTB Wycombe Air Park

- EGKB Biggin Hill

- EGNC Carlisle

-EGLS Old Sarum

- EGCV Sleap

- EGBJ Gloucestershire

- EGCW Welshpool

- EGCK Caernarfon

- EGBG Leicester

- EGBO Wolverhapton

- EGPN Dundee

- EGSH Norwich

- EGTK Kidlington

- EGNJ - Humberside

As a Northerner I do want to see some up there but I've tried to keep my list (well someone else actually) to a good mix across the UK.

Potential for varying types of strips and aircraft landings. Plenty of tarmac in there for heavier aircraft and some cross country classics for PPL training etc

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EGAC Belfast City

EGAB St Angelo/Enniskillen

EGAE Eglinton (Londonderry/Derry)

EGAD Newtownards


EGNS Ronaldsway/Isle of Man

EIDL Donegal

Two notes:

1) If you go by top 15 from 200 posts here only then there will be no NI airports made!

2) I have included Donegal even though it is not UK airport because when you come to do Ireland North and South I'm not sure if you are following the UK/Ireland border or not!

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