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ANNOUNCEMENT Customer survey - what are the top 15 UK airports you want Orbx to make?

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Hello everyone,

I thought I would try some "crowd sourcing" of what we as a development team should focus our efforts on with regards to UK airports. We have licensed superb quality aerial imagery for up to 45 airports, of which we will produce 15 or more in 2013.

However, I would rather make lovely detailed VFR airports in the UK that customers actually want to buy, rather than using any other criteria. From a business point of view there is very little benefit in making and selling airports which nobody wants to buy.

So please can you reply to this post listing the ICAO code and name of the top 15 airfields you would personally spend your money purchasing.

There are a few things you need to adhere to to make this topic easy for us to compile into a result:

1. Please do not list mega airports or large international airports. The largest we are likely to make would be Bournemouth or Edinburgh.

2. Please just list 15 ICAO codes and names

3. If you want a 1940's historical field, append (RAF historical) to the airport name

4. You may add a single paragraph at the end of your post to share why you chose your list, but please don't add an essay :)

I will make a promise now as CEO that if we get 200 separate replies to this thread then we will produce a definite list of airport projects for 2013 based on nothing but customer demand.

Over to you!

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Top Posters In This Topic

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My top 15 (Mainly Scotland as that is where I live and where I know the small airfields best) EGPE Inverness / Dalcross EGPD Aberdeen / Dyce EGPB Sumburgh EGQS RAF Lossiemouth (Current) EGPA Kir







This is an awfully difficult question for anyone who does not know the lay of the land or the actual size of what you are willing and/or able to do. Is, for example, Liverpool larger than Edinburgh? Will you be wanting to (re-)do what other developers have already done? For me the interest is there for anything that would be able to handle regional connections - but that also caters to GA. But I honestly haven't got the slightest clue as to which airports, if they at all exist, actually would come into question.



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My top 15 (Mainly Scotland as that is where I live and where I know the small airfields best)

  • EGPE Inverness / Dalcross
  • EGPD Aberdeen / Dyce
  • EGPB Sumburgh
  • EGQS RAF Lossiemouth (Current)
  • EGPA Kirkwall
  • EGPC Wick
  • EGPO Stornaway
  • EGPL Benbecula
  • EGPN Dundee
  • EGPT Perth
  • EGPU Tiree
  • EGTB Wycombe Air Park
  • EGLS Old Sarum Airfield
  • EGTD Dunsfold
  • EGTK Kidlington / London Oxford
For those from Foreign lands this may be of help: http://en.wikipedia....wn_Dependencies
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Please only reply with your list of airports and a short paragraph if you want to explain your choice. All other non voting posts will be deleted. Sorry if that sounds a little abrupt but I don't want to sort through hundreds of non-voting posts to extract the data :)

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EGGW Luton

my reason is because you guys have done such a grand job with the terrain i feel no one else will be able to sit an airport on top of that hill without working it into FTX England like you will be able to.

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Oxford Kidlington (I live virtually next door to it!)

Dunsfold (The Top Gear test track!!)


Biggin Hill




Manchester Barton




RAF Brize Norton


I can guarantee buying the top five, with the rest as finances permit, especially if each one has the traditional photo-real surroundings.

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Robin Hood airport Doncaster, South Yorkshire EGCN

Hinton-in-the-Hedges airfield, Northamptonshire, Private no ICAO Code

Lands End airport, Penzance, Cornwall EGHC

Hentsridge airfield, Somerset EGHS

Popham, Hampshire EGHP

Dunkeswell, Devon EGTU

Lasham airfield, Hampshire EGHL

Odiham, Hampshire EGVO

Brize Norton, Oxfordshire EGVN

Bagby, North Yorkshire EGNG

RAF Biggin Hill, EGLB (RAF historical)

RAF West Malling, Kent (RAF Historical)

RAF Middle Wallop, Hampshire EGVP (RAF Historical)

RAF Colerne, Wiltshire EGUO (RAF Historical)

RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk EGUL (RAF Historical)

Thanks. :) :)


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My Top 15 UK Airfields:

1) EGTH - Old Warden

2) EGNW - Wickenby

3) EGCS - Sturgate

4) EGNJ - Humberside

5) EGHH - Bournemouth

6) EGHI - Southampton

7) EGPE - Inverness

8 ) EGPD - Aberdeen

9) EGNC - Carlisle

10) EGHP - Popham

11) EGNF - Netherthorpe

12) EGPO - Stornoway

13) EGTC - Cranfield

14) EGHC - Lands End

15) EGSH - Norwich

These are probably my favorites though there are so many great airfields in the UK its hard to think of them all :)

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- EGHF Lee on Solent

- EGNL Barrow

- EGOW Woodwale

- EGSH Norwich

- EGCV Sleap

- EGMD Lydd

- EGOX Kirkbrige

- EGNH Blackpool

- EGNY Bagby

- EGEW Westray and EGEP Papa Westray in one pack for the shortest scheduled flight in the world

- EGPB Sumburgh

- EGPO Stornoway

- EGPE Inverness

- EGND Huggersfield

- EGCJ Sherburn in elmet

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EGSU Duxford

EGTH Old Warden

EGTE Exeter

EGBP Cotswold/Kemble

EGPD Aberdeen

EGPO Stornoway

EGHI Southampton

RAF Debden (Historical)

EGNH Blackpool

EGHQ Newquay Cornwall

EGEC Campbeltown

EGPL Benbecula

EGPA Kirkwall

EGPE Inverness

EGPB Sumburgh

Duxford is available as freeware, but would gladly pay for Orbx version.

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- EGCB Barton

- EGTB Wycombe Air Park

- EGKB Biggin Hill

- EGNC Carlisle

-EGLS Old Sarum

- EGCV Sleap

- EGBJ Gloucestershire

- EGCW Welshpool

- EGCK Caernarfon

- EGBG Leicester

- EGBO Wolverhapton

- EGPN Dundee

- EGSH Norwich

- EGTK Kidlington

- EGNJ - Humberside

Barton is my big interest here as it services one of the UK largest cities 'City airport' also dons a very famous control tower with a rich history and significance. The rest are interesting cross country destinations across the uk. Great Idea guys TY.

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EGLM - White Waltham

EGTB - Wycombe Air Park (Booker)

EGHP - Popham

EGHL - Lasham

EGLF - Farnborough

EGHO - Thruxton

EGHN - Sandown (Isle of White)

EGHJ - Bembridge (Isle of White)

EGTE - Exeter

EGHI - Southampton

EGHQ - Newquay (RAF St Mawgan)

EGDR - RNAS Culdrose

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EGHD - Plymouth

Have posted about this threatened airport before - learnt to fly here, now moved to Newquay.

It would be BRILLIANT to see Orbx make a vote of confidence in GA by refreating Plymouth which is well placed for exploring VFR the beautiful SW.

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EGFE Haverfordwest Airport Withybush Airport

EGFH Swansea Airport

EGBS Shobdon Aerodrome

EGOV Anglesey Airport

EGTG Bristol Filton Airport

EGFF Rhoose Airport (apologies if this to large)

EGPL Benbecula Airport

EGPO Stornoway Airport

EGTO Rochester

EGKH Headcorn


Purely because I have flown in and out of all of them. Did not put Barra as landed on the beach.

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If possibleEGSC Cambrige ( because its my home town )

EGHP Popham airfield ( please include a ship's grating so we can take a cat o' nine tails to the useless little wasters who vandalized the place last week )

Wartime airfields..

USAAF bases Shipdam and North PIckenham, and RAF Watton; all in Norfolk and all significant in my life.

RAF Silloth in Cumbria - a Coastal Command station, which I doubt anyone will ever model for FSX other than you guys.

But most of all, as far as wartime stations in England are concerned...please give us some of the long-gone RAF Bomber Command bases in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire !

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EGBJ Gloucester

EGKA Shoreham

EGKB Biggin Hill

EGCB Barton

EGNH Blackpool

EGCK Cearnarfon

EGTK Oxford Kidflongton

EGBO Wolverhampton

EGFH Swansea

EGLS Old Sarum

I would vote EGBJ and EGKA as they are airfields used quite a lot on VATSIM for the GA community. From a business perspective I would expect you to get a high takeup on thease locations.

The others are fields which are flown quite a bit in the UK. Much of the open airspace is in the west and this is where quite a bit of flying takes place.

Spread the fields out too, there is a lot of Simmers in the UK who would buy fields spread out.

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EGLS - Old Sarum

EGKA - Shoreham

EGHI - Southampton Intl

EGHA - Compton Abbas

EGHC - Lands End

EGBP - Kemble

EGHN - Isle of wight

EGHJ - Bembridge

EGMD - Lydd (Ashford)

EGTO - Rochester

I would like a number of places to fly to across southern England in short hops.


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I would like to fly my lovely JS41 a little bit more - so here some nice Eastern Airways destinations + some other great Scottish Airfields

EGPD Aberdeen

EGPE Inverness

EGPO Stornoway


EGPA Kirkwall

EGPN Dundee

EGPT Perth

EGNJ Humberside

EGSH Norwich

Im happy and i will buy it as long as it long enough/ better served by a JS41 (or soon Dash-8)... Sorry, but Im no GA-guy, so i will give smaller aifields a miss.

Thanks for asking us!


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Barton City of Manchester EGCB

Blackpool Squires Gate EGNH


Hawarden EGNR

Barrow/Walney Island EGNL

Elstree EGTR

Caernarfon EGCK

Panshanger EGLG

Welshpool EGCW

Newquay Cornwall EGHQ

St Mary's Scilly Isles EGHE

RAF Valley

RAF Shawbury

RAF Kinloss

Some of my favourites. Barton is a must IMHO grass strip the oldest tower in the country, aerodrome museum in a portacabin, aero club clubhouse, big distinctive brick hanger the Old Airport Hotel Complete with the high bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal which is a landmark on approach.

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