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The window reflections in #2 are just something else.

Guys, I know FSX is a 'Flight" Simulator - but this is getting to be more of a Scenery Simulator and I'm loving every minute of the experience.

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Iain is that the Atom Heart Mother cover in the last :D. The whole thing looks fantastic, can't wait!

Think another thing we all share in common here is that we are all Floyd fans!..... Need to find that field near Ely Cathedral for the Devision Bell cover shot.

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no's 3 and 14 do it for me, I have flown in here many times over the years and you have done a really great job, did you include the high antenna about half a mile away from the runway 22 that is nearly on its center line?

There is a pylon, but it's at the wrong end of 22. Easy mistake to make.

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Hi Ian

You truly do have a 'GIMLET' eye my man - your shots are second to none. Indeed up to now I have purchased all England release largely due to YOUR amazing work.

I am having an issue with my ground textures on the grass runways at Staplford. Set to today's date about 1pm using the Carrenado 337, and the available active runway, I loaded a flight and the ground looks really low res? Settings are as per manual and 2048 in the cfg - my I ask if you could post a screenshot just sitting on the active (using fair weather theme) at the same time please?

I just want to see if we see the same things, if not then I can work to improve, if so then it is what it is. I would really appreciate it.

All my buildings, people flow etc all look fine, even the main runway looks ok, just the grass ones are dodgy.

Thanks in advance

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