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Hello all. Not sure where to put this so I thought here would be best.

Does ORBX offer any kind of sponsorships or similar to other flight sim sites or Virtual airlines?

Reason I ask is because I have recently been looking around for my VA and have noticed some FS developers (like Aerosoft) provide sponsorship and discounts whilst others (like PMDG) do not seem to offer the same. I was wondering what ORBXs stance is on this matter?

I remember reading that no sales were being provided here anymore with the move to the different pricing scheme so that might be a part of my answer.



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Alright thanks for the reply. I've seen the logos around on a few sites so that makes sense.

Given we fly out of Brisbane, there's plent of incentive to try and get some other pilots to give ORBX scenery and airports a try.

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