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Some few from NZSI and some from Tasmania

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Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since my last screenshots here, but i did not do much simming during the holiday season.

Nevertheless though: Still did some flights in between and hit the V-Key from time to time.


Here are some captures now from NZSI and Tasmania.

Please enjoy!

Cheers, Christoph

First: NZMF – with some edit (just for fun)

Posted Image

… now how did i just get here into this soup?

Lost with the Cub within some weather getting worse and worse! I “simply†wanted to fly to the Hollyford Airstrip located somewhere between Glenorchy and NZMF. Well: I had to turn around and fly back as the weather just did not get better. Tried again another day, but honestly said: I just hardly managed to land at Hollyford after my third try or so – it’s really hard to even get the smallest airplane down there safely I think. So: If You want some – in my opinion – challenging approach then visit Hollyford Aisrtrip! …

Posted Image

Posted Image

… BBQ at Kaikoura, NZKI the other day …

Posted Image

And then:

Tasmania! I have not been to Australia for a while actually and so decided to spend some time at Tasmania's Western Coast. Smithton, YSMI, was my “home-airport†of choice for that time. I flew along the coast southwards down to Strahan frequently.

...Taking a “short-cut†to the runway in use to simply explore YSMI, this fine little OZx field here a bit! … Posted Image

… or taking off from for some basic "Pattern Flying Practice" ...

Posted Image

… and the other day simply taking off into the early morning sky for a flight along the coast! Yes You birds: Stay away! …

Posted Image

… flying by some wind turbines, located at some pretty far northern part of the Tasmanian West Coast …

Posted Image

… and then over the “T†at Balfour …

Posted Image

… now where is the airstrip here? It’s located somewhere north the Tikkawoppa Plateau …

Posted Image

Posted Image

… i tried to land at this little airstrip, but did not manage to do so – at least not with the C210 and its specific payload on that day …

Posted Image

Posted Image

… so: Heading on to …

Posted Image

… Strahan …

Posted Image

… and then back - practicing the NDB-A approach at Smithton later (via 005° if i interpreted the NDB-A chart for YSMI correctly)! ;):)

Posted Image

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