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Congratulations Jarrad,

Wonderful detail on the vintage buildings both on the airfield as well as Spokane. It looks like it'll be a great place to land and walk around, no doubt my next acquisiiton.

good flights, Cal

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Well, if both of these airports come out at relatively the same time, I've decided my flight to them will be Bowerman to Felts, Felts to Bella Coola, then Bella Coola back to Bowerman. I haven't decided which airframe to use yet, but I'm currently thinking Ants' Lancair, with its' good cruise speed and ability to still land and take off from these airfields. I can't wait to investigate them in the sim.

Edit: Of course, Felts, with it's Art Deco design, is just begging to be used as a back drop for the GeeBee Z when it's released. I'll bet we see a lot of screenshots of the two together. Then again, the R2 will look good there as well. Yeah, I'm really liking the possibilities here.:)

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