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Looks fantastic, one question I notice this is 2cm per pixel and other Orbx scenery recommneds you set it at the 5cm per pixel level in FSX depending on the airport. Is there an issue when flying from an airport where you have it set at 2cm say to one that requires it set at 5cm 8) Is there a standard to set in FSX that will work for all of the Orbx scenery? I know I've had issues in the past with Stark's Twin Oaks if the resolution is set wrong people seem to be floating on the deck along with their chairs ::)



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Martin, you are talking about mesh resolution... we are talking here about texture resolution. They are completely different. Orbx always recommends that mesh resolution be set at 5m (unless otherwise stated per product) but texture resolution should always be set to 7cm on the slider in the FSX display settings menu. However, it matters not with Bella Coola as the 2cm will always display at that resolution independent of the slider as that is the resolution i have mastered the textures at and they are applied to polygons, not terrain.

Hope that helps


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