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Points of interest for North American FTX regions.

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T-Bone    15

I did a search for this but could not find it. I'm certain there was a post in one of the forums a while back that talked about all the points of interest in the various FTX North American regions. If I remember correctly it might have had links that would open up google earth and show all these POI's. Does anybody know which thread(s) I'm talking about? Thanks.

BTW I watched a show on one of the HD channels called Aerial America, and it was showing how amazing Oregon is. Now I got to load up a good sight seeing plane and spend a few hours flying there.

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Tim Harris    766

Hi T-bone,

Your virtual region guides await you :) the GoogleEarth kmls are found in FSX/ORBX/User Documents , drag-n-drop these into GoogleEarth to use them

(Tip, turn off all other base layers so only the Orbx kmls are showing, it helps prevent 'clutter')



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