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Completed Wharf jack Winch

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alan2    180

Great , can you please tell me where we will be able to get it (hopefully) when you have finished . The sort of detail I like ..:) ...thank you.

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Yardreamer    140

Thanks again really enjoying this work going up to Sechelt next week for some research and once completed will share both the completed scene and all the components to make your own. The entire scene is composed of 5 basic wharfing components with various swappable textures and the embellishments. For instance the next section to be installed on the Porpoise Bay Sechelt area the "Royal Reach Marina" component was assembled in 10 minutes in Gmax.

By the Way it is fun docking the Beaver and pivoting to face back out for takeoff between the West Coast Doc and the public Gov Wharf with just momentum, by the way for an obstacle I am working on a motorized barge to pull up beside the Wharf jack then linger and motor off (if I can figure it out) for an obstacle. So as soon as I figure out how to wrap it up in a package it will be available.


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