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Dear Bosses

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macca22au    190

I have tried to post three shots to this thread.

Two were absolutely standard P3D screenshots recorded as bmp, and reduced in size to less than 800x pixels. All three were uploaded to the OzX image hosting site. All were posted into here using absolutely the 'Code to post the photo in a forum' - ending with

Only the third shot which is a real world shot of an A380 taking off from YSSY was accepted. For the two bread and butter bmps I was told these picture extensions are not accepted on this forum.

This is not a whinge, but a rueful commentary on what must be finger trouble on my part.

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Ian Routley    88

best to convert the bmps to a compressed format:

either jpg, or alternatively png.

Uncompressed bmp files are extremely large, and browser unfriendly. Presumedly that is the reason they are not accepted.

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Jeff Gilmour    195

Hi Ian,

I'm not sure what you mean about .bmps not being acceptable, OZx accepts them as uploadable and can be posted on a forum, but even if you reduce their size they will never be as small in file size as an equivelant JPEG, One thing you could do is bulk convert your pictures to JPEG format using IRFANVIEW, it is freely available, just google it and download the freeware Irfanview and the plugins. The upside to this is that uploading JPEGs to Image hosts in an appropriate size say, MAX 1680x1050 or 1024x768 will be much faster and they will appear correctly anywhere.

A suggestion for copying the URL data from OZx would be to only copy the info as shown here in this example: you can just copy/paste all the text from ( http through .jpg ) there is no need to paste in ( %7Boption%7D ) at the ends.

  • ( http:\\fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/46sakfnjs2J2.jpg )
the picture will display in your post immediatly after you paste it in the forum image tool and click OK.

Hope this helps

Cheers Jeff

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