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John Venema

Introducing PeopleFlow 2

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The video is a tech demo only, showing how we can use motion capture data within FSX/P3D. I can make a simple patch installer for 0S9 if you guys want to see it for yourself?

We are putting Jorge on full-time staff, so his mission this year is to explore infinite possibilities for animation systems within the sim, so yes, that likely includes marshallers at larger airports and many other uses of this tech.

This would be great. I have been searching for the dancing girl on Friday and Saturday nights, and on fly in days etc :lol: . Then I realised it must not be a part of this airport yet and would come out with the people flow 2 release. Great work again ORBX! Your airports are already THE most full of life, and you are still pushing the boundaries.



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Yep, I think a simple map showing all our airport locations is now long overdue, I will create something this coming week.

+1 for this!

Also, the PeopleFlow2 is great, adds just that "little bit" to the sim.

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I truly love this deveolpment. All though when shopping for another Orbx airport I found I am spoiled and wanted only the ones with people flow.Are there any plans to add to existing airports ? Thank you.

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Dear Orbx-Team,

people flow looks great!

Why don't you surprise the bush-flying community with some "Landingstrip-Enhancement-Services" (LES) or "Bush-Service-X" (BSX) instead of AES and GSX?

I would love to see

- a marshaller on the larger airfields and/or

- some guys/girls putting fuel into my plane and/or

- someone could tie down the plane to the pier of a seaplane base (could you use the parking break to make this happen?) and/or

- some guys pushing/turning the seaplane back from the pier (solving a problem if the plane does not have reverse throttle!) and/or

- two mine workers pulling over in a truck/pick-up to unload the Cessna 208 after a landing on a remote airstrip in the Orbx-Scenery and/or

- a couple of passengers stepping out of the plane walking to a van and leave and/or

- someone (the pilot) who unloads the baggage of the passengers.

I would certainly be willing to pay for this!

Keep up the good work! Best regards,


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oooh yeah!! animals crossing runways would be awesome, would give whole new meaning to bush flying!

so.. motion capture.. so you guys do it like the movies do? where you have someone wear a blacksuit with little tracking balls on all there joints and then video tape it in the dark then basically texture the joint skeleton?

Well I`d like to see how you Motion-capture a cow :D But yes I`d like to buzz off some sheeps with my A2A Cub!

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