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Yes Queenstown is very spectacular I just got back from Queenstown a few months ago from a family holiday but very scary when you fly in on the Pacific blue 737 between the mountains very interesting approach can't wait to try it out in the sim cool shots lain.

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Great stuff there Ian, but enough with the teasing already :P

Nice to see the RHK paint make the preview shots.

Fantastic stuff Iain!

Where did you get that paint for the 210? Also is Queenstown like that on the NZ South Island? Or is it a future payware Orbx airstrip?

Keep up with the teasing!

You guys rock!!

Head over to Avsim search for ZK-RHK and if you wish ZK-ETI
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Hi Stephen,

the download will be just over 3GB and the uncompressed installation about 5.2GB; almost 7,000 custom files!

Cheers, Holger

Thanks Holger,

Bought and installed NZSI and about 85% filled now, so I can't install anything more after loading S43. If I need more space I may have to uninstall my Captain Sim aircraft, and perhaps even a few older Carenado and Real Air planes too, and if push comes to shove maybe even a few Australian sceneries and airports, although I really don't want to do that because when in the mood I love to fly there for extended periods (I go in cycles). Maybe I should just reinstall FSX on a larger conventional drive, but I don't want to do that either. I could perhaps do a raid 0 with the two SSD and have the OS and FSX together. That would free up about another 50g of SSD, but would mean a complete reinstall of everything once again. Between a rock and a hard place and it's painful! 8)

Kind regards,

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