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Just a few cloudy ones from Tassie

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G'day all,

Another short flight here, flying the Turbine Duke from that seminal piece of ORBX freeware, Launceston, down to Hobart in some stunning real weather. In the past, I've always flown with a custom REX theme that I rarely change... the past couple of days however, I've started using a bit more of the functionality of REX and let it choose the sky, cloud and wave themes based on the weather along my planned route. I've been stunned to say the least, and can't believe I never bothered with this option before. While I've always been a fan of REX, I'm starting to gain a whole new respect for what it adds to the experience. Here's some screenies of the resulting conditions on Thursday evening...

Posted Image

On the ramp at Launy, near dusk as an almost full moon rises in the East.

Posted Image

Turning onto the VOR track down to Hobart, and appreciating the fine job Shade does of adding some contrast to the hilly ground below

Posted Image

My favourite of the set... running around some simply stunning cloud formations that REX threw at me. I really wish I'd noted down which cloud set was installed on this flight as it was just amazing.

Posted Image

More low cloud and scud as I near Hobart, and some beautiful rendering of the excellent AU Blue landscape in Tassie wit some Shade help.

Posted Image

Flying the pattern for an over-water approach into Hobart, with another REX surprise in the sunset on the water. I think the water theme here is Clear Lake, looks pretty amazing at this time of day, but messes with the landscape reflections somewhat.

Well, that's all for now, back to some flying for me! I hope you like them!



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