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Welcome to Mears Field

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Wow, that looks great! Are you using Shade/ENB?


Shade with preset Shade Default 1.01 and the Cloud Ambient Tweak from the Shade dev guy posted on OZx. :)


I like it. Makes the cloud tops shine a little. ENB is cool too. I love it. But I have had some minor technical issues with it.

Thanks everyone. :)

What blows my mind with this scenery and FSX is that nowadays these are raw V key screenshot, open with Paint to save as JPEG and upload. Right from a quick flight last night. I still get blown away by these payware regions. So much charm. Then with REX and now with Shade 1.01, Wow. It's mind boggling that the sim looks like this now. Smooth and 30 fps on a $1200 computer to boot!


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