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3 of IRIS Simulations' creations doing aerobatics

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Call this a tribute to David Love-Brice and his team at IRIS Simulations.... and obviously the geniuses who modeled the Duane Berentson Bridge + Deception Pass Bridge very well.

Posted Image

T-6 Texan II @ KBVS about to do a twilight back-end sortie to KBLI

Posted Image

T-6A Texan II on short to WN51 - Bayview Farms

Posted Image

T-6A Texan II safely down at Bayview Farms.

Posted Image

BD-5J looking at its smoke trail under the Deception Pass Bridge

Posted Image

Bede BD-5J smoking an airshow around the Deception Pass Bridge

Posted Image

BD-5J screaming under the Duane Berentson Bridge spanning the Swinomish Channel

Posted Image

Great smoketrail - yes, I did make the opening without crashing!

Posted Image

Now freeware F-15C via Simviation & testing out my new repaint shooting under the Deception Pass Bridge

Posted Image

A glowing underbridge sortie!

Posted Image

Shooting in full AB under the Duane Berentson bridge!

I hope you enjoy! 8) Go to http://irissimulations.com/the-hangar.php to get your T-6A & BD-5J but the F-15C (now freeware!) for FSX can be downloaded from http://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=5IRIS_F-15_Eagle_Classic_FSX.zip&x=9&y=10 .

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