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ANSWERED YMEN - Strange Roads and Traffic near airport

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This is possibly something that I've done wrong during installation or the likes, however I can't seem to resolve the issue.

Where YMEN joins the default FTXAU some roads just disappear yet the traffic continues. Other areas have partial roads that go no where.

I have some screenshots, however I can't see an option to attach them.


Order No: 123563

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Hi Chris,

I suspect you do not have FTX AU Blue Region installed. While not required as such, YMEN is created to fit with the FTX AU region that includes updated roads. The Default Flight sim roads are not positioned accurately enough for proper intergration, so what you are seeing is a bit of a mismatch between the modified roads and traffic designed to match the aerial imagery and the Default roads and traffic.

What you will get with FTX AU is proper 3d streetlighting, fully intergrated seasonal colors and landclass, accurate road and traffic and many other features. These feature cannot be carried within individual airport packages.

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