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CEN4 High River Regional Airport (FREEWARE) Screen Shots

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I never would have dreamed one my local airports would be done to this degree. It's a great place for sure in any case. Its a training ariport 30 minutes south of Calgary (DA20 and 40 trainers). It's non towered. We have EAA meetings there once a month and fly young eagles flights once a year. A good friend (and great pilot) hangers his Centurion 210 out of there and when I am really lucky, I'm in the seat next to him.

This is good news. I will pass this on to the EAA club. A few of them use FSX from time to time. Maybe they will be more interrested now with thier home airport modelled in the sim in this kind of stunning detail!

A perfect companion to this would be Springbank Airport CYBW payware with photoreal bits here and there for the Canada Olympic Park east of Springbank, Calaway Park Fairgrounds with a rollercoaster and such across the highway from it and RV Camp area and include West from there the Canmore and Banff Region (gateway VFR route to the rockies from Calgary) with the mines at Exshaw by Cochrane modelled at the lake.

Wishful thinking.

This CEN4 looks fantastic!


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Thanks, Charles! Let see, what can be done about your wishes! :)

Cheers, Vlad

Well as far as Sprinbank goes, I have friends that are incolved in that airport quite alot and may be able to get us clearance to move about freely and take pics where needed. We could look into that if and when the time comes. Just PM and or email me if you need help in that regard.


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