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Chartered Britten Norman Islander to Walter Suttons

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Hi there,

This morning I got a call if I could haul eight souls and their gear from Darrington to Walter Suttons. I never knew Walter went into the outdoors stuff. Oh well, I hope he's doing well cause that leaves me with some business too I hope.... ;D

Rather uneventful flight except for two things, weather was typical for PNW at this time of year. Started from Darrington. All went well and I made a turn from the valley towards the mountains and darn..lost power in two engines. No reaction in the gas handle. I left me startled, but I managed to cripple back to Darrington. Landed.. :-X checked everything, all seemed clear and did a new attempt. Guests were a little bit nervous. But I said com'on the Britten is a sturdy workhorse and she never left me...before. Checked the weather and didn't notice anything different...

Rumbled up from the runway,  gained some height, did my turn and darn for the second time my engines lost all power. I put here in glide to prepare for a off airport landing (aka emergency landing in mountainous terrain). Did my checks, looked at the panel if everything was all right, ready to quit the engines, got a flash and remembered the weather briefing......humidity!!  Carb icing! Indeed I didn't check the carb heaters. Grrr....

Quickly flicked them on, thinking I was too late, skimmed a mountain top, the engines sputtered, again and then power was back!!. What a relieve  :o

Don't know if they'll fly with me again, however the remainder of the flight rendered some awesome vista's.

[img alt=http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/2311.jpg height=700 width=1008]http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/2311.jpg

Mount St. Helens

[img alt=http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/8392.jpg height=700 width=1008]http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/8392.jpg

Mount St. Helens from the right seat.

As I progressed in the direction of Walter's frost, snow and green alternated. But at Walter's everything seemed fine. Until I landed...see the pics :-[

[img alt=http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/3803.jpg height=700 width=1011]http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/3803.jpg

After landing..

Posted Image

It's still a nice little oudoorsy airstrip

[img alt=http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/5585.jpg height=700 width=1003]http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/images/5585.jpg

Doesn't she look a little sad with one wheel stuck in the mud, again that humidity  ::)

Learn something new every day... ;)

Thanks for watching and hanging in. Pic's are unedited, except for resizing.



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Thanks guy's, much appreciated. Actually I wish that terrain friction like rain or muddy strips was really modelled instead of the FSX way, Boom is stop and end of story.... 

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What a nice flight and that photo real St Helen's is always amazing to see. Your shots highlight that very well.... and some drama getting stuck in the mud!

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Hi Rob, I was considering buying this aircraft. I used to fly this nor in FS2002 which was a favorite. How do you find it?

I'm also considering getting some US scenery. I have avoided if as I only fly in areas where I have charts, where I can do the necessary planning. I have all the Ozzy charts but nothing in the US or elsewhere.

I love the shots by the way.

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