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FTX Mesh?

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Can anyone please advise on what Mesh has been used in the FTX screenshots up to this point?

I am wondering if FTX, when the first region is released, will include some form of Mesh with that product or if the Mesh will rely on what users already have installed. In my case I recently purchased FSGenesis (Avsim concensus seemed to indicate it was the best available at this time) but the mesh will certainly make a difference!

Many thanks.


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G'day Paul,

FTX will not come with a mesh, it will rely on what you already have installed. Some of the beta testers are using FSGlobal and if I remember correctly one of us is using FSGenesis. Orbx is going to great pains to only display what the user will see in their FSX with the screenshots, and as such we are all using mesh of the same LOD that is included with FSX.

Holger Sandmanns has developed a new freeware Aussie 76m mesh using the new FSX mesh system which will be available soon, probably from a couple of download locations. This will obviously benefit those that haven't purchased an addon mesh.

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