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Hey! Some of you may remember me as "laffen" from the old VOZ-forum, I remember that I used to love flying around in Australia with VOZ activated, but after the release of FSX my computer kind of didn't want to cooperate anymore, so I've been doing other stuff for a few years - for instance, flying gliders! Great fun! But from time to time I've missed booting into FS and do a flight in some exciting aircraft that I'll probably never will have the chance to control. For the past two years I've been sitting on the fence, thinking about buying a new computer, and I've been so close to ordering several times, but in the last minute I changed my mind. But NOW! Finally, my Sandy Bridge based rig is ordered and I can't WAIT to try the Full Terrain Experience! Ha!

My question is as follows.

Is there any type of discount offered if one where to buy all the FTX/ORBX-products available today? Since I've been out of the game so long I have a lot to catch up with, and I don't know where to start, so I was thinking about buying everything that is available, to really get it going! But as I started calculating I found out that the total would come to roughly AUD 750. Which I think is a lot of money. I'm not saying that ORBX isn't hard working guys and that all of the products isn't worth every penny, but since I have a lot to catch up on, it's quite a big lump of money! If I had joined this form the start and bought each product from when they were available it probably wouldn't be an issue. But as I said, there is a big(though awesome) back catalog to catch up on.

If this is in any way inapropriate and such a thing that one doesn't ask in this forum, I accept that, so please give me a slap on the wrist and delete this thread! If not, I guess I just have to start working 7 days a week instead of 6! HA!

Olaf G

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Guest J van E

If I were you I'd choose a region to go for: AU or the USA. The complete FTX AU is for sale now for only 50 AUD (the dvd but also the download version), which is a bargain. I personally prefer PNW and NRM though, but since you liked flying in AU, that might be a good and at least cheap choice!

After that I'd pick a few addon airports that are a bit close to each other. For PNW that would be Darrington and Concrete, for instance (you have to choose your own for AU). Just to get you started.

By the time you are done exploring those airports and the regions, you could add another airport to the collection. And so on.

I don't want to spoil it for Orbx ;D but I wouldn't go overboard and spend all the money right away on ALL Orbx products: one of the main reasons would be that you wouldn't have the time to explore and enjoy them all at once...! So start with a region and build on that. ;)


O, and btw, if you go for AU and like bigger airports: YMML is also on sale! Your new Sandy bridge computer should be able to handle that one nicely! I don't have it myself but YMML combined with Sandy should be a simmers heaven...!

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I just asked my PayPal account how it's feeling....


I just bought:

Orbx - FTX: AU YHBA Hervey Bay Airport

Orbx - FTX: AU YMML Melbourne International v2

Orbx - FTX: AU YPEC Aeropelican Airport

Orbx - FTX: Australia SP3 Download

REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0

Shockwave - 3D Lights Redux

That's a pretty good start, or what?

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That IS basicly the most essential stuff you need for delightful FSX/FTX experience. Altough, i would only use REX textures, and buy ASE (active sky evolution). Luckily for me, i bought ASX (predecessor of ASE) way before REX came out, so ASE was free for me. With all the bug fixes (into FSX's weather system) ASE is hands down the best weather program, with good accurate weather (my own tests, atleast for my location always the weather is the same as i see it out the window ;D )

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Hi olafg,

If you submit a ticket with FSS via the link below I am sure we can strike a deal that will get you in possession of all Orbx products for a more than reasonable price. I'd be happy to give a good discount on downloads or an even better one on the DVD's :)


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