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G'day Werner,

Are you getting hangups during initial loading (ie opening FSX from your desktop) or when your scenery is loading?

Something to be aware of - when loading FSX for the first time after installing YBCS, you will be asked to accept ObjectFlow_YBCS.dll. This may be what is holding up FSX, if the window is hidden in the background?



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If you find an "ObjectFlow_YBCS.dll" entry in the [Trusted] section of your fsx.cfg, you already gave permission.

If you never were asked to do this, then something in your dll.xml might be mixed up and the dll doesn't get loaded.

If FSX asked for permission and the permission popup lost focus, you could think of a hanging or always loading FSX while he is just waiting for you to click "yes".

Bit of a downside of all those dll based things are the additional error sources in operation while the advantage is the performance or feature gain when using them.

The actual location of that file isn't important at all, you can't load it manually, only FSX does when he's starting. But if you want to check if the dll is there, go to ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_YBCS\scenery.

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Hello friends, thank you very much for your advice. I deleted the ObjectFlow_YBCS.dll in the [Trusted] section of my fsx.config. After restarting FSX I had to accept this dll. Now it seems everything is ok!

Best regards


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