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Static Cruise Liners stationed off Gold Coast

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Just wondering if there's anyway to delete the two static cruise liners stationed just off the Gold Coast. Having lived in Surfers Paradise for over 6 years not once have I seen cruise ships anchored off the coast.  If someone could point me in the direction of the files to delete it would be very much appreciated. Hopefully this is'nt in breach of ORBX licensing and/or copyright laws by altering scenery files for personal use. If so could someone PM the file details rather than post publically. Removing these static ships would actually add more realism to the Gold Coast scenery in my opinion. ORBX have done a fantastic job with AU GOLD and I eagerly await any info on YBCG that ORBX hopefully have in the pipeline. Using John Ross' YBCG at present which is fantastic scenery for having been released in 2007. Thanks....

Kind Regards,


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There are a number of people on the Gold Coast who would like to see a cruise terminal in the Broadwater ..  and an awful lot who oppose it.

No doubt it was the first group who secretly positioned those two cruisers there.

Meanwhile the cruise termimal is in the Brisbane River upstream of the two Gateway Bridges (on Orbx YBBN).  The only problem is that the largest cruise ships can't get under the bridges,  so they have to dock at the container wharves (on the great Orbx YBBN scenery), without facilities, and at high tide, or after heavy rain, passengers sometimes have to walk in inches of water.

We'll get something right sometime.

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