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resolved MSFS now asking for DVD on startup

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I originally bought the DVD version of MSFS. 

Since last update when I start MSFS it asks for DVD 1 to be installed. It sits in DVD player and all works fine, no idea why it’s started asking for it.


Only one else got the same issue or know a fix please?

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I know what the problem was and I think I’ve fixed it. I notice there have been a lot of views to my post so will provide an answer in the hope it helps others who may have issues.


Firstly thanks to Doug and Craig for responding.


I originally purchased the DVD Premium Deluxe Version but had to uninstall it a few months ago due an issue with MSFS crashing when loading a second flight from Main Menu.


Instead of loading all the DVDs again and then a massive update I just did a clean install via Marketplace which I was allowed to do for free as I had redeemed my DVD version code.


1st May my Xbox Ultimate (1 Year Pass  expired and was not renewed). The Xbox Ultimate Pass is for my sons Xbox not me. This appears to have caused me the issue and not as I first thought the last update.


I have researched and found out that I needed to have a Digital Authority File installed for MSFS to run without the requirement for DVD 1 installed to Authenticate my MSFS installation- which I didn’t.


The only way I could get the Digital Authority File to install was to purchase a 1 month Xbox Ultimate Pass. Out of interest MSFS loaded immediately upon purchasing the Xbox Ultimate Pass again. I have now installed the Digital Authority File for MSFS and am just left wondering once 1 month has passed and the Xbox Ultimate Pass expires again if the Digital Authority File really will worked as advertised.


Any comments welcome or anyone got experience of the MSFS Digital Authority File? 

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