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Very exciting news about the upcoming World Update “The Nordic’s” . Hopefully Wolfgang they will upgrade your area by

the end of the year . Tho it looks pretty fantastic IMHO in it’s present form . 



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I was hoping for German speaking countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland because in Navigraph Survey they scored high in popularity, but Scandinavia is great too. @Marcus Nyberg I’m looking @ U for great renditions of Tromsø and Narvik ;).

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2 hours ago, renault said:

Nordkapp would be just the ticket too.  Although it is not an airport it is one of the neatest places we have ever visited. :)

@Marcus Nyberg





If by Nordkap you were thinking of Honningsvåg, Valan Airport, I have actually been looking at that airport for ages :) Such an interesting spot!

I need to visit Norway soon, haven't been there for years now and mainly been in the Oslo area. Worked in Ålesund (ENAL) for a few months after highschool and went to Narvik when I was a teenager with my family. My winter cabin is just a few kilometers from the Norwegian border and every time I go up in the mountains hiking you can see the massive mountains peaking up as soon as you reach Norway, it's almost like they made the border exactly at the spot where things started to get interesting ;)


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