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A quick initial look at the new release.

With the 20% discount because I have LSZS in P3D, it came out to USD11, which is pretty good value.

I used SoFly 'Typical UK Spring Day', which, as you can see, is fairly dull, so to do Samedan justice I will be going back in sunny, & snowy, conditions.


Initial impression is that it is very nicely done with a lot of detail round the airport & in the town.

(As a side comment I am aware that there is a freeware Samedan out there & reportedly, nicely done too.

I noticed that the installed size of the Orbx product is around 4.07GB & as best I can tell, the freeware is around 2Gb or so.

I can't of course say a 4GB rendition is automatically better than a 2GB version, but the extra GB must be doing something somewhere.:))

In summary, is Orbx LSZS worth USD11? IMHO, absolutely.














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17 minutes ago, wain71 said:

great shots, I am assuming that's the chopper I just downloaded.....


Latest version.

I kind of wish they would hold the updates a bit longer - by the time I have got the latest installed & begun to learn the new stuff, there's another update released!!:)

It's ideal for around Samedan & LOWI, & other alpine flying.


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