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When I park or even taxi through the parking position in front of the Dash 8 (Gate 2 Parking Spot) my fuel load jumps to 100%. This does not happen if I uninstall NZWR. While parked here if I change to 50% (or any other amount) fuel it only lasts a few seconds before it jumps back to 100%. I first noticed this with the QW RJ85 which has a fuel load set outside of the sim in the QW146 Dispatcher. Further testing shows every aircraft has this issue but only in this place with Orbx NZWR. I have disabled all NZWR AI flights just in case and still the issue persists. Pretty weird eh!

NZWR Fuel 50 percent.JPG

NZWR Fuel jumps to 100 percent.JPG

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10 hours ago, BernieFlyer said:

Pretty weird eh!


Heh, sure is.


I do know parking next to, or passing close to a fuel pump auto tops the tanks.


Not happening for me though... still 39%




Spoke too soon :-)


As I turned out of the ark, bang 100% fuel.


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An oppsie
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it would appear that there is a large fuel trigger.

Please try the attached files instead.

They go into ORBX\FTX_NZ\FTX_AA_NZWR\Scenery and should be allowed to overwrite.

I have assumed that your control panel option is set to show the Dash 8, as in your screen shot.



Orbx_NZWR_APX.bgl Orbx_NZWR_APX_No_Dash8.bgl.OFF

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