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Hey there,


Recently I bought LOWI and now I have no runway markings or the true textures on the ground (see screenshots). I tried several things:

- Disable and restoring Envdir settings, reinstallation without 'Airport' textures

- moving Envtex in scenery library below the airport

- verifying LOWI files in Orbx Central

- checked the 'add-on.xml'


I usually save all my add-on.xml's in the default Documents / Add-Ons folder for P3D5. I also moved the .xml over from the installation folder of LOWI to a separate folder in Documents, so the content within the file is still the same except the paths which I pointed to the install. directory (see screenshot). For layering and managing all my scenery I use the Lorby-SI Organizer, but LOWI is one of the first entries in scenery order (high priority).


Within the scenery settings I set 'FTX Global Mode; P3D v4 Dynamic Night Lighting' and rest all default. Boxes for example static aircraft are all ticked.


Sim is Prepar3D v5.1 HF1.


Basic Add-Ons I always use:

Global Base + FTX Vector + Trees HD + Buildings HD + TerraFlora v2 + openLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal + openLC mesh South America

ActiveSky P3D + ASCA (currently using EA in sim)

Envtex + Envshade

AIG Traffic + AI Companion

GSX + Level 2



In another thread here in the forum I read something about a connection between this issue and ObjectFlow but I haven't installed it yet. Do I need ObjectFlow for the airport textures?


Thank you very much!


Kind regards





Edit - Update:

I tried it and installed ObjectFlow now and it seems to work. Now I have beautiful textures in Innsbruck but would be nice if you overtake this step to the manual because  there I haven't found any requirement to install ObejctFlow.



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