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After some days of hiking is it time to leave the Cradle Mountain area.


This airstrip is really wonderfully placed into the valley next to Cradle Mountain Road.


We follow the road further eastwards...


... until we cross Forth River down of the Lake Cethana Dam.


The lake appears smaller on this old picture taken in autumn.


But Mt. Roland appears big enough, ...


... just above the Claude Road airstrip.


We pass the mountain towards Minnow River, ...


... and follow the Mole Creek Karst valley towards Trowunna Wildlife park.


Cosy creatures there.


Next stop could be Westbury, with the famous extraction factory north of the motorway.


Closing in towards Launceston we cross a golf court. Just left of the H-shaped lake with the little island in it is the Country Club & Casino, ...


... from which the lake looks like this.


Launceston city in its full glory, ...


... and the airport as well. Its replication in P3D is in the early 2000s look, ...


... when the baggage collection area already showed how this post would be named many years later.


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11 hours ago, Hauer said:

Great adventure series there, Gerold... I see you survived the Tasmanian Devil! :lol:


Thank you Herman. It was safely separated from me in https://www.trowunna.com.au/ , an organisation that conserves the devil in times of the TDFD pandemic.


10 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Another great flight!!!!!!!!!! Getting to more about that part of the world.:)

Thank you John. The sim is our way to travel nowadays, and still we can not deduct it from the tax...


5 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Another nice tour Gerold!  What a beautiful country this is.

Thank you Jack. A good place to be, and a bit on the fresh/cold side.


3 hours ago, TerribleT said:

Marvelous stuff!  Never mind the Devil - did you survive the Cascade :ph34r:?

You make the point, TT. They let the travellers become victim of the Cascade without precautions!

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22 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Fine post this Gerold.



Good to get your comment Iain, I already missed you!


21 hours ago, timmo32 said:

nice journey once again Gerold and nice comparision pics :)

Thank you Timmo. With the current restrictions I can not extend my collection of comparison pics, unfortunately!


19 hours ago, adambar said:

Great series there Gerold. :)

Thanks Adam!

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