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just bought this amazing piece, installed it and did a short fly over Brisbane. But it looks as if the ground is missing, see picture. I installed it again but nothing has changed. Installed it is in community directly, like all other Orbx-addons.



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the [IMG] method does not work in these forums.

I tried the direct link to your image but received this message.



The owner of this website (www.bilder-upload.eu) does not allow hotlinking to that resource (/bild-20133b-1614250044.jpg).


I have taken a screen shot of the image for you:



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Hm, I can't find a way to upload the image, 273 kB are too small. Maybe this works:




Thank you Nick, just saw your image!

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24 minutes ago, PiotrMKG said:

next time if You want to do screenshot in Windows 10 just press win + printscreen it takes screenshot and saves it to \pictures\Screenshots\ as .png then just drag it here.

Yes, thank you, I know this method but I am only allowed to upload 273kB, much too less for these images;).


27 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

Now that we see the image, my first guess is that Bing Imagery is switched off.

Please check, though mine does look much the same.

 Thanks Nick.

I sorted out the reason for that already: I had a tool called Enhanced Airport Graphics active, which I bought some time ago. After deactivating it Brisbane is looking overwhelming; as it should be :).

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