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Where to start. I originally purchased this airplane from Milviz January 2020 approx. Realized it would not work on my computer graphic card so just put it away for future use. Also had my proof of purchase stored on my hard drive. Well my hard drive crashed and I needed to upgrade so spent over $2000.00 upgrading my computer. Now I have a very nice power house and installed my new Beaver (my favorite airplane). I have had a lot of issues and probably because I downloaded it and had my virus software running. Can't remember and that is because I am an old one. Milviz seem to not give a damn about helping, probably because I can't prove to them I actually purchased it. I have been on their forum searching as well as asking for some help. Nothing so far. 


I was installing my Orbx when I realized I could have purchased the beaver from you. Now I am sorry I purchased from Milviz as your products and service are awesome. So the other day I purchased the Milviz Beaver from your site and you guys installed it. I had some problems. I managed to get the gauges and prop lever working but I still have no Panel lights or VC lights. I am pretty sure it has to do with an xml.dll issue but I am not good enough to figure it out.


If anyone has any idea's as to what I might be able to do it would sure be appreciated if you would help me. 





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Thanks for you help, I don't think I should waste anymore of your time. In the process of trying to fix this Beaver I had actually found that file at FSdevelopers. It did fix my gauges and prop lever but never did anything with the lighting issue. So I did download the file you led me to and installed it. Still no lighting. I might not be following through enough as I read on their page to also download the xmltools3d which I have done so will get busy and see what I am doing wrong. I am still glad I bought the Milviz from your site as Milviz has never gotten back to me with what I need to register on their forum for better support. I sent them a copy of proof from your site so they know that I actually did buy it. Not sure I would buy anymore of their planes. I did have to have this beaver as it is pretty nice.


Thanks again for what you have done. I will let you know if I figure it out.



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