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Just purchased this scenery last night - the buildings look incredible but the scenery is immensely lacking in texture quality for MSFS 2020. The textures look archaic in quality (reminds me of FSX). Any plans to update these with better/higher res textures? They currently just seem completely unfitting for the new sim.

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2 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

I had thought that the Orbx buildings look remarkable.

Can you show me an image of what you mean please?


The buildings do look remarkable, I'm not critiquing on that aspect of the product. Apologies, to clarify I mean ground texture quality. I'm away from the sim rig right now but I can send some examples later today.


There has been some discussion/critique of this as well here:


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12 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

Thanks, I don't think that the product does or pretends to do anything

with the overall ground textures, which are a part of the simulator.

I see that there is a small .cgl file.


Ahh interesting, so you're saying these are default MSFS ground textures? If so, it would be awesome if Orbx would update these to something a little higher quality in the future to complement the amazing buildings you guys have done.

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Correct, they are the default ground textures. 
We did add custom ortho to the blurred out military areas that has practically indistinguishable low-res ortho textures. 

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11 minutes ago, PiotrMKG said:

@bburkley next World Update will be France/Benelux so maybe then Sim will get better ortho. I hope that Asobo will team up with France VFR for this next update. 

I hope we then won't have the same problems with Orbx Paris like we now have with the Orbx London scenery. 

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