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I have slow internet but the Orbx downloader (3GB downloaded and extracted with no issues) is great at restarting so left the fsx  EU England scenery  downloading all night. It has stuck at 3.88GB of 3.91GB extracted 6351/6587. It shows no errors and just sits there.

I have 140GB of SSD disk space available for it.

Any thoughts? thanks

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I downloaded the Orbx installation tool 3GB and this works fine. However I have been trying to download the EU England scenery and it has stalled at 3.88 of 3.91GB

extracted 6351/6587 . I have 140GB of SSD diskspace available for it but it just sits there. I have tried pause and resume but to no avail.

Any ideas please



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Please go to settings\downloader and clear the temp location.

Then go to the location you designated for backups and delete the products folder.

Then go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function.

Then try reinstalling.

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