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This Week's Meaningless Topic (#24) (Feb 20)

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Well, all of them.  Depends.  A) substitute my Mooney for the illustrated aircraft, and that represents most of my flights. Boring, maybe, but very satisfying. However!!


B) That's me when my yoke wears out.  I use the CH yoke. I like it, responsive and accurate, but not very long lived. Relatively inexpensive, but I get about three or four years out of one, then ALL of my landings look like B).


C) Me.  Today!!!  Flew into Farmington Four Corners (NM) (KFMN) with a stiff cross wind.  Runway? What runway? You mean this airport doesn't have a turf runway?    Doesn't it run parallel to Rwy 25?  No? Yoke right, rudder left! Land on the centerline? Yeah right.  What centerline? Better be a duck!





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Oh yes, definitely C. :)

On 2/20/2021 at 12:33 AM, Matt McGee said:

Warning:  This will get you into trouble in real life!

I have planned doing that myself too with a little less agile aircraft just because of my C choice. :P


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