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could be faulty RAM, one of your sticks may not be working...try doing what Nick's link says, it's worth doing that before you try anything else, also any chance you may have more than one p3d event going on? maybe last one didn't close down properly...

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Basically Anthony, How much RAM is it using when the error is thrown up? How much do you have?


When the error happens, press Ctrl+Alt+Del together. Then select the Task manager. Select the 'Performance' Tab and the figures are there at the bottom along with a graph. If a stick is faulty or un-seated, then you will see if the number is less than you had originally.


ON the other hand, If you open the task manager first, before P3d, then you can watch the memory as it is 'used'. I think the guys here are interested in these figures.



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You don't have "plenty of RAM" or you wouldn't be getting that message. Have you even bothered trying any of the suggestions the guys have given you? Something's wrong somewhere and a reinstall isn't an answer to anything. If your not willing to listen to good advice then why did you ask the question in the first place? End of rant.

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