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active All installations failing on P3Dv4.5

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Hi there;
I am getting installation errors while installing P3Dv4 products in Orbx Central (latest version) "Errors encountered while installing this product".


I read related support posts and cleared the temp and backup files from Settings>Downloader, deleted the backup folders, and did the Sync Simulator successfully. I restarted Central and even rebooted then tried "Verify Files" but with no luck. my log is attached.




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Do you have enough free hard drive space?


Orbx products are downloaded and unzipped to your C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp folder and sometimes need up to 3x their install size before they get installed to the simulator location, then after the install is complete, they are removed from your C:\ drive. You can move the Temp folder to a drive with more space using the option in Orbx Central settings\downloader.

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Yes, I have around 390GB left on the drive and I moved my temp folder to the same drive as well.  I copied the scenery from my old machine that I am retiring to the new one having this problem overnight.  BASE Pack on both are the exact same size "on disk" and still when I run "Verify Files" on the new PC it fails but on the old one it works!

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