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i purchased ENTO for MSFS2020 (order n. 6009a9c5575ad), but when the installation was complete Central issued an error message sayind that one file was not correctly installed, and that it was therefore necessary to Verify the installation itself. Executed several times this procedure the same error message appeared but never on the same file but always on different files (judging by the progressive number of controlled files). I tried both reistalling the product several times and deleting the rolling cache and the Content.xml file but no avail.

If after an incomplete installation i tried to take off from ENTO this caused an immediate CTD.

How can I resolve the situation?


Maurizio Rizzotto



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Hi Maurizio


Please go to settings\downloader and clear the temp location.
Then go to the location you designated for backups and delete the products folder.
Then go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function.
Then try reinstalling.



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