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I think there is some difference in the order how central reads/places the various config files compared to p3d.


I cant tell how the situation is with 5.1 but in 5.0 one of the reasons was that developers are using 3 different ways to insert the scenery into the sim....


The old way with scenery.cfg, addon.xml and add-on.cfg. Im probably wrong about naming the files, im learning a lot obout msfs systems atm and seems that makes me forget other stuff ^^


But anyway, example in my sim is like this:


I have products that use all those 3 ways, one of them is Flightbeam, who is the single one in my case who is using one of those methods, resulting in Orbx central shows them on the lowest entry in the list you have shown, while p3d puts them higher in order. 



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There are actually only two ways that addons get installed, 1. is into the simulator folder and 2. is outside the simulator folder.

The items that are greyed out are installed outside the simulator folder.

The others are installed inside the simulator folder.

The Orbx Central Insertion point tool is not meant to duplicate the scenery library appearance.

For the most part, for the items installed outside the simulator folder, it does not matter what order they show up in the scenery library.

The Orbx Central insertion point tool will usually only present you with options that do matter in the scenery library order.

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