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I can get a video if needed as it only occurs during camera movement.  If you park at spot 8 the building to the right of you with the white lettering on top, the frames around the "glass" doors and windows flickers light and dark when panning the camera in cockpit or external views.  It's very noticeable since there are quite a lot of "frames".

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Any input?  Not sure if it just got overlooked.  It sort of looks like aliasing artifacts but it's not, it really looks like the texture on all the window frames is flashing when moving the camera but only on certain buildings.  I can get some video of it if needed.  I did sort of managed to catch a bit of it in a screenshot but it's not as obvious. 

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7 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


I do see this.

I'll try asking the developer.

Thanks, glad to know it's not just me :)  It's obviously not game breaking or anything, but wanted to make sure it was known and wasn't sure what was going on since I hadn't seen any other posts about it.  Not sure if it helps but I put the sim in developer mode and tried toggling to the various PBR channels and there was 1 maybe partly 2 of them that were displaying the behavior.  I have no clue about the PBR materials but maybe that helps point them in the general direction somehow.

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