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Probably will get shunted - but here goes


I am not using MSFS at the moment  - waiting mainly for the X Box Sim - However

as an Aussie - I'm very impressed with a little mob and their small Aussie airports for

MSFS are looking good.


I live at Southport and that production is one of them


As we wait for Orbx to replicate  their Australian airport series for MSFS -  If they were an Orbx partnerB)

I would jump in today - to give me a reason to use the 7 year old BING version of Australia that MSFS uses -

and I venture to suggest I would not be the only one  Down Here:smile: 

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Hello John,

thanks, you might try going to the other developer's site and advertising Orbx products there.

See how they react.

This quite clearly breaks the forum rules, as you equally clearly know.

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