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active Land where there should be water

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A146A87C-23B1-4B01-BE1F-EE123DC6BB79.thumb.jpeg.6add73399cd22f459195abb063b85ec3.jpegHi all,

I have all of the Orbx world and regional products installed. Including all True Earth products. 
However, I just don’t think P3D looks great at night without Black Marble Extended installed.


My setup worked well until I installed the BM packages. Now I have an issue where land appears around the coasts where there should be water. Also rivers are covered in land. 

I did have the issue where the Custom entries had been deactivated in my scenery.cfg file but I have reactivated these. TrueEarth displays correctly now but I still have the land /water issue. 

I know others must have experienced this and resolved successfully but I have already tried all fixes I can see in the forums to no avail. 

A fix would be appreciated.




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