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I don't know if an admin or the guy who did this video trailer for Burbank airport will read this message, so i'll kindly ask you:

do you know how this fast moving clouds effect was made in Prepar3D? I'll appreciate if you could help me with this! Thank you!


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Hello Mihai


Welcome to the forum


I believe that is made with the time-lapse tool.



It's been a long time since not using p3d but I think the tool is in the up menu in options or so


In KBUR video they might have set a weather that allows/shows the movement of the clouds ( wind and cloudy, or so) so you can see the clouds moving fast when you use this tool.

At least that is the way I think it was done.


Another option us by accelerating the speed of the sim

The sim rate, so time "flies"

You will also find that tool the menu, it is called sim rate or so

I use it when I want to cross the ocean faster, as it speeds up the flight


Try both and see which is the one that better fits your interest but I think the sim rate speed is the one you want






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Thank you for the answer Carlos!

I've tried both before i've posted here.

With "Simulation Rate" at "fastest" clouds are moving a bit faster, but not this fast.

I am sure that it was made with "Time Preview" because when i saw this trailer (shortly after release) i've tried to recreate the effect and it worked.

I believe there is something to do with clouds type, layer altitude, maybe also wind speeds... But whatever I try, it doesn't work now unfortunately. I totally forgot what i have did then.


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You're welcome Mihai

Maybe the speed of the clip too when issuing the video? Just an idea

Let's wait and see if someone from the staff provides a reply




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