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MSFS: Torp (ENTO) - A 1st Look

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I have to admit that when I saw where Torp was located, [close to Notodden], I thought I would pass on this one, since I already have an Orbx airport in that part of Scandinavia.

However, after I had had a look at airport data & found that whereas Notodden has a runway of 4,570' & is therefore primarily a GA destination, Torp has 9,806', which immediately piqued my interest.

Perhaps I can get the 787 in here, certainly the A320.

After purchasing & installing it this morning I arrived in a Vcol B99 clad  in Danish Air Transport colors & had a look around with the drone camera.

I found there is a lot more to this airport than a casual glance will inform.

The airport buildings are laid out in a long line, with the terminal at the Rwy 36 end. There are quite a few hangars & buildings along the way as you taxi up from a Rwy 18 landing.

& a very interesting stone wall structure behind them.

Also, on the approach in to Rwy 18 there is, what looks like, a fairly extensive car wreckers yard next to the flight path.

I haven't even got to the terminal interior yet, but feel It's one of those airports where the more you dig around, the more interesting detail & clutter you will find.

Nicely done, Finn & Jakub.



Spare parts? Right next to Rwy 18 approach path.



The main Terminal is at the top of the shot. Note the stonework or rock wall behind the buildings.



Maintenance hangars



Main Terminal



Main Terminal ay night



The Vcol B99, DAT livery




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