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Okay , thx for Info. But is there no possibility to delete one .bgl @ C:\Users\USERNAME\Orbx-Bibliothek\p3dv5\LWSK Skopje International Airport\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_LWSK\Scenery or rename that to .off maybe ?

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14 hours ago, Teo Gerovski said:

Hey guys,


Thanks for the report.

I have no idea why does the AI stops on the backtrack runway 34, I think that's not my fault, but will have a look.

I'm not sure but this is mostly when the holding point is too far or to close to the runway. 

Kind Regards 


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Hi folks,


I'm sorry I'm late with the update.I finally found some time to spend updating the notes you gave me.The name is changed and now, you can disable the AI by yourself.

Unfortunately, I was unable to fix the aircraft stopping at TO position, I can't find the reason.

I hope the update will be available these days.





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Sorry Teo Gerovski !


I did Ubdate LWSK to 1.1.0, but i got the same Problem with the AI Traffic like Before !!


AI´s roll on rwy and hold there but they doesn´t start. Same point ! Config is also not found in OrbxMenu ?!


Maybe wrong File in Ubdates ???



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I've updated the AFCAD --> I redone the taxilines, added holdshorts and replaced the T/O-positions.

And now - the AI starts correctly.

I also replaced the terminal taxi to the gates.


When its okay for Teo, I would upload my afcad.

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HI Teo @Teo Gerovski!

First and foremost a huge thank you for bringing this freeware jewel to our sim! It's a fantastic scenery.

I know that Jean-Philippe @Jeepee , a known and experienced user of AIG, has done an AFCAD for your LWSK that is perfectly adapted for AI and online flying. Maybe you can get in touch with him and use it for the scenery? 

"Nav aids are also modified to included the steep 3.3° ILS slope, and the deletion of the DME (ILS procedure is based on the DME reading of 'SKJ' VOR)."

The AFCAD by marks022 is not bad (thanks for it mate!) but does still miss hold short points. Every taxiway connected with the runway MUST have an hold short point, not only the runway ends.

BTW a last question: Would it be possible to made the static aircraft (Air Serbia A320 and Croatia Dash 8 ) optional? I could deleted the A320 myself with a modification of ORBX_LWSK_lib_plc.BGL but the Dash 8 is part of ORBX_LWSK_Clutter_OBJ.BGL can not be removed. Having the statics removed would make things easier for AI and VATSIM events.

Once again thank you for your great freeware and take care!


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Wonderful! Thanks for your fast reply Teo. :-)

And if you need any further help with the AFCAD just let me know. I am doing the AFCADs for Digital Design and have also done the AFCAD for the latest MK Studios EFHK Helsinki. More than happy to help you if needed.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks again! 

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