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resolved Incorrect/Rapidly Changing Texture Areas Hawaii Region

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I am running FSX with Orbx Global Base, Vector, Open LC NA, open LC EU, lots of Orbx regions/airports, REX Essentials, UT2, and a few freeware addons (all sit above Orbx in scenery order). All Orbx scenery is up to date, including Central (V4.1.28 ).


I usually don't fly much in the Hawaii (Honolulu) region. Yesterday I opted to re-discover this area, after a long hiatus, and noticed upon departing Honolulu a bunch of rapidly changing 'squares' in the nearby region, different textures popping up for only a few seconds, then changing again. It's as if the sim doesn't know what texture to display in those areas.


After reading through many posts, I am suspicious it may have something to do with lclookup.bgl file, terrain.cfg file, or OpenLC NA file. The 'wrong'  textures which show are everything from a different landclass, a water texture on land, very dark textures (as if nighttime) in daytime hours ... etc. Essentially they are wrong textures for that immediate area. 


Problem seems to be occurring in the Hawaiian Islands Region. I have not come across this in other areas of the Globe so far. Not sure if the expansion of OpenLC NA to include Hawaii has anything to do with this. Last time I flew in Hawaii was before the new, expanded OpenLC NA was out and I recall no such issues at the time. Posts offer different advice re fixing this, from clicking 'verify files' in Central, re-installing OpenLC NA, replacing the terrain.cfg (with the backup in Orbx folder) etc. I just don't feel comfortable messing with something and creating more issues, as my level of scenery software knowledge is still a bit limited.


Thank-you, in advance, for your expert advice.

Milan .....









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Hi Milan


Despite you don't like it that is exactly what you have to do


3 hours ago, MZee1960 said:

clicking 'verify files' in Central, re-installing OpenLC NA, replacing the terrain.cfg


To fix it at once, uninstall and reinstall the Base pack and NA Open LC.


You did great reading all the posts therefore I won't paste here the morphing textures topic by Nick




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it probably is worth linking this topic.



As a simple first step to check, the default  Scenery\BASE\Scenery\lclookup.bgl file is 32 KB.

The Orbx version is 52 KB.


The default terrain.cfg file is 148 KB, the Orbx version is 456 KB.

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Hi Nick, Hi Carlos,

Thank-you, for your prompt replies and suggestions.


Here's what I found so far :


My Scenery\BASE\Scenery\lclookup.bgl file is 49 KB, (not 52), dated 03/03/2020 3:52AM.

My Orbx terrain.cfg file is 448 KB (not 456), dated 17/01/2021 5:48PM. 

Below it in same FSX folder is 'terrain.cfg.backup-Orbx' dated 16/01/2020 6:48PM - size 449 KB.

Central shows all is up to date, even though my file sizes are a bit smaller, for some reason.


I read through your linked topic (above). Opened Central, logged in, clicked on OpenLC NA and ran the 'verify files' function. About 4min. later Central indicated OpenLC files were successfully installed. I closed Central, started FSX, saw the progress bar installing new scenery files, then chose flight from Honolulu (main problem area before), and saw no sign of morphing/strange textures anywhere. So far I tested other Hawaii regions and problem appears to be gone.


Maybe it was just some textures from OpenLC NA were missing and 'verify files' put them back ?

This still doesn't explain why the two files (above) are slightly smaller in my setup ?

Maybe I will just leave things as is, unless some other texture issues arise ?



Milan ....





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That would explain the slight discrepancy.

I will leave things as they currently are, as all appears to be good for now.

If any texture issues surface down the road, I will revisit your linked post (above) for additional help also.


Thanks, Nick.


Milan ..

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