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Sorry Iain for spreading this to a wider audience...


Hey folks, why do I not see images from Imgur? I posted this on Iain Emm's recent post and all I can see is:


An error occurred during a connection to i.imgur.com. PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.


Iain has already responded, but has anyone else seen this?

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Hi Eagle

I saw your post on Iain's picture but as I didn't recognized the error message I didn't say anything


I have had countless issues myself with imgur but the error message was different and in my case it was the DNS the culprit.


I found this in the internet for you to try






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All very complicated... No luck to be had. Even the images shown on the hints page don't match with what I see in my firefox. Can't find the export bookmarks button to save and try a profile reset.

I am definitely too old for this Cr@p! Oh... hang on - the bookmarks command (ctrl shift B ) openedoutside FF. Darn! Try again.

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4 hours ago, EagleSkinner said:

IMGUR just isn't worth the effort


Agreed but let's try to fix it


Would you mind uninstalling Firefox?

Before, download a fresh installer, then remove and reinstall

I fixed some issues I had in my laptop by doing that.


I think the program asks if you want to store data.. so chose a place (desktop) for easy access.

Or is it when it is loading again?

Just pay attention to what the application proposes and proceed

I think it offers the option of creating a new profile at the start so pay attention to the set up


In order to export your bookmarks before removing Firefox, in the up menu you click on "bookmarks" a list will be displayed. Click on the very first one that says "Show all bookmarks"


(I'm not pasting images because you are not seeing them)


In the new window opened you'll see in the top too a tab named "import and back up"


It has a tiny down arrow on the right,  if you click on it you'll find within the list the option to export the bookmarks.


Do you use antivirus too, Avast?






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12 minutes ago, EagleSkinner said:

OK, so who did what?

I have done nothing since the last comment.


Now I see IMGUR pictures. WTH?


It happens too

I'm not too fan of IMGUR

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