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active Orbx_A_US_SOCAL_AIRPORTS ,incomplete data,, PO 5fe1170629459

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I did the download, SD version,   in December.  X-plane 11 always displayed a file loading error message, the subdirectory in above title.  Turns out some of the files are incomplete and don't include normal airport data,, airports appear a flat picture. 


  To resolve this I would only need to re-install the complete airport subdirectory,  about 970K un-zipped.  I don't have high speed wifi available, so a complete download is not an option.


I would like to have a zipped file of entire subdirectory sent to my email. Or some other  remedy.

  how can help?

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Thanks.  Turns out it was complete after all. Same error message appears. Enclosed is my log.txt file.  Apparently  Xp11 can't find a "whaler" object during reading of SoCal_Airports file and reports as an error.  How should I fix this? The rest of the Orbx files seem to work great.  Maybe I can edit out objects that Airports  can't find or what ?


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Its a Screen error message. 


 Some xp laminar research planes won't fly if this message comes up, and crashes xp11 to windows desktop.  The errors occur in TE SoCal. TE NCal functions very well.


 Odd thing is that if I first fly a laminar plane that will fly under error message for about a minute, then pause and switch to a 2nd laminar plane that would not fly, resuming the flight, the 2nd plane does operate; however is is often a bit unstable,  and xp is likely to crash to desktop without offering an error report be submitted.


 Any way I can resolve this.  Otherwise the TE Scenery is fantastic.

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This is very difficult to resolve but I am not convinced it is an error with the addon unless it is a corrupted copy.

The only way to see if it is a corrupted copy is to completely uninstall it, clear the Temp folder, remove any Backup copy that may exist.

Reboot PC and reinstall.

You state that a reinstall is not an option but to try and piecemeal bits of the addon is not going to work as seen by the partial bit of the addon I sent to you regarding airports.

I need a pic of the error message that appears on screen and also a copy of your XP Log file please.

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@abcdef  -  According to your log.txt file you have the "Orbx US NoCal TE Custom" & "Orbx US SoCal TE Custom" files placed above "Global Airports". They should all be placed just below "Global Airports".

Also in the "scenery_packs" INI file Only the "Orbx_A_US_SoCal_Airports" files should be placed just above "Global Airports".

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